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New Framingham Location

AMY GARDNER / January 7, 2011

We’ve added a new location! We now have an office in Framingham conveniently located near the Colonial Shopping Center and Shopper’s World.  Our Newton Center office remains the same and we are happy to offer another option to our clients.  Here is our Framingham address: 945 Concord Street...

Diagnosing Obesity at 9 Months?

AMY GARDNER / January 5, 2011

A doctor featured on the Today Show this morning quoted research indicating 32% of infants are obese at nine months, a rate increaing to 34% at two years.  Really?  Obesity may be an epidemic in this country but this is going a bit too far.  Can we even...

Lazy Day Spicy Chicken Bake

AMY GARDNER / December 27, 2010

This recipe saved me yesterday.  Seeing as I had no interest in going to the store and a desire for something to eat other than leftovers or cookies, I was determined to find something to make from what we had it our kitchen.  Luckily we had some chicken...

The Vitamin D Debacle

AMY GARDNER / December 20, 2010

Do we need more vitamin D?  Some clinicians say yes and the more the better.  However, The Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued a report on November 30th cautioning the public about high doses of vitamin D supplementation.  Although the review panel...