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Diversity and inclusion is central to our mission.

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We’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s with one of our dedicated therapists or in conjunction with one of our partner organizations, your unique needs will be cared for every step of the way.


Our team of dynamic, licensed dietitians and therapists have extensive clinical and behavioral counseling experience. Through personalized, insightful, hands-on counseling and programming, they’ll empower you to make impactful and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Alexa Riccio
Client Care Coordinator

After beginning her own intuitive eating journey back in 2020, she became incredibly passionate about nutrition, health, and body positivity. It was that year that Alexa made the career change to start working as a Care Coordinator in the healthcare field. Since then, Alexa’s desire for helping others on their own intuitive eating and nutritional paths has only grown. Alexa is an experienced and eager care coordinator who enjoys getting clients started in their journeys.

Eating Disorders Dietitian
Alison Tonsmeire
Dietitian, Clinical Supervisor

Alison is a Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian through IAEDP and the Clinical Manager at Metrowest Nutrition.  She has extensive experience at all levels of eating disorder care and works with both adults and adolescents. Prior to her career as a registered dietitian, Alison earned a bachelors degree in psychology and worked as a preschool teacher.

Allison Reynolds
Social Worker

Allison is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Mount Holyoke College and Master’s Degree in Social Work from Boston College. Allison provides individual and group therapy to individuals living with eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression, psychosis, substance use, self-harm, suicidality, OCD, and bipolar disorder.

Amanda Curde
Billing Assistant

Amanda started her career journey working in the mental health field, working in various medical offices, and then at University of Tennessee. In her role as Billing Assistant with Metrowest Nutrition and Therapy, Amanda is an incredibly empathic and helpful team player. She always has the best interests of our clients at heart and strives for excellent customer service in all her interactions.

Eating Disorders Dietitian
Amy Gardner
Owner/Practice Manager

Amy is the founder and practice manager of Metrowest Nutrition and Therapy and author of the book iMove, Helping Your Clients Heal from Compulsive Exercise.
She has extensive experience working with eating disorders at all levels of care.
As a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, Registered Dietitian and Yoga Teacher, she helps her clients heal their relationship with food, movement and body.

Annie Schwartz

Annie is a fat-positive, Health at Every Size (HAES)® aligned clinician. Annie employs a warm, empathetic approach in session, which is often also infused with some humor, when appropriate. Annie seeks to create a space where all bodies feel safe. She believes all bodies are good bodies that are worthy of kindness, respect, and equitable access to unbiased, appropriate and compassionate care.

Bella Mortenson

Bella earned her undergraduate degree in Communication from Fairfield University. She went on to complete her master’s degree in Nutrition Science at Framingham State University where she completed the Coordinated Program of Dietetics and gained invaluable experience in medical nutritional therapy.

Brittany Brown
Mental Health Counselor

Brittany is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician (LMHC) experienced in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Family Based Treatment (FBT) for the treatment of eating disorders in adolescents. Brittany has worked with clients at many stages of treatment including Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization, and Outpatient level of care.

Carolyn Dubnik

I have over 2 years’ experience working with clients with eating disorders at the inpatient/residential level of care. I am excited about continuing my work with the eating disorder population, and am passionate about helping others heal their relationships with food and movement! I find joy in helping my clients rediscover their love for foods they used to enjoy.

Enjely Mora

Enjie is dedicated to partnering with clients to empower them around a weight neutral, Health at Every Size®, whole person approach to health.  She particularly enjoys working with adolescent and young adult athletes.

Heather Lavery

Heather is passionate about helping athletes and active individuals challenge diet culture and heal disordered eating patterns in order to nourish and fuel their bodies. She utilizes a HAES-aligned approach, empowering her clients to establish lifelong patterns that fit their busy lives and training goals.

Imari Gonzalez
Social Worker

Imari received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Bridgewater State University and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Simmons University. She has worked with all ages in school systems, psychiatric hospitals, eating disorder programs, and emergency psychiatry.

Jennifer Ong
Client Care Assistant

Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts, with an emphasis in Journalism from the University of San Francisco. She is highly organized, friendly, and enjoys creating a welcoming space for our clients.

Joanna Bunker
Social Worker, Clinical Supervisor

Joanna is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Bay Path University, and a Master’s degree focused in Justice-Based Social Work from Wheelock College (now, part of Boston University).

Jocelyn Gregory
Operations Manager

Jocelyn earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Communication from Westfield State College and went on to work in various fields, including biotech research and meeting and event planning.

Juliana Sampaio

Juliana is extremely passionate about helping her clients develop a positive relationship with food and their body. She enjoys helping people heal from disordered eating, chronic dieting and binge eating and has experience working with complex eating disorders. She also loves helping clients determine what foods they most enjoy and encouraging creativity in the kitchen.

Kate Giles

Kate completed her master’s degree and dietetic internship through the Coordinated Program in Dietetics at Framingham State University. She’s gained extensive experience as an inpatient, outpatient and community dietitian Lowell General Hospital.

Katelyn Castro

Katelyn received her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Syracuse University and her master’s degree in Nutrition Science at Tufts University. She completed a dietetic internship at Tufts Medical Center and had further training through the Leadership Education Adolescent Health Fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Laura Foresta

Laura has over 20 years of experience working with clients around behavior change. She compassionately guides her clients through a natural change process, respecting all aspects of their health and wellbeing.

Megan Gamerman

Megan has over 10 years of experience working with individuals with eating disorders at all levels of care.  She was the Food and Nutrition Services Director at a local residential and partial eating disorder program where she earned the moniker “Director of Food Positivity”. 

Myrese Nochomowitz

Myrese strives to develop a supportive, collaborative relationship with clients while respecting their unique lived experience and needs. She enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds and brings a wide array of skills and perspectives to her work.  Myrese is highly skilled in working with picky and selective eating.  She values creating mindful mealtime habits and helping her clients find joy in food.

Perry Smizer

Perry practices from a HAES® and Intuitive Eating approach to help clients of all ages heal their relationship with food. She particularly enjoys working with kids, families and adolescents to support positive feeding practices and enjoyable experiences with food.

Samantha Millette
Social Worker

Samantha completed her undergraduate degree at Lesley University double majoring in Expressive Arts Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. Her internship at Boston Children’s Hospital in the acute psychiatric unit was where she first developed an interest in eating disorder treatment. She went on to complete her master’s in social work at Simmons University and has worked in multiple levels of eating disorder treatment.


We collaborate with a number of professionals and organizations in the area to ensure you receive any services that may be outside of our professional scope. Your successful journey to a healthy life is our priority. These are just a few organizations we work with to provide optimal care to our clients. We’re happy to provide referrals to organizations not yet listed here:

  • Multi-Service Eating Disorder Association (MEDA)
    As a professional member of MEDA, we’re proud to use their valuable resources, including professional training and supervision, client support groups, consultation and referrals.
  • The Leggett Group
    This psychotherapy practice works with children and adults. We collaborate regularly around practice management, team building and clinical training.
  • Hynes Recovery Services (HRS)
    We work with HRS to provide nutrition services to colleges and college-aged students seeking eating disorder treatment.


Your nutritional and mental health shouldn’t be considered an elective medical expense, so we’re proud to accept a wide variety of insurance. Please contact your insurance company for specific details and benefits.

Please note, we don’t accept public plans, such as Medicare or Medicaid (MassHealth plans in Massachusetts, i.e Tufts Health Direct, Tufts Health Together, or Tufts Health One Care).


The staff is exceptional and incredibly knowledgeable. You are seen as an individual and not just another patient. I have worked with other nutritionists in the past but they are unparalleled to the care and support I’ve received at Metrowest.”


Nourish yourself.

It’s time to have a better relationship with food and your self. Together we can help you find peace in both.