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Jocelyn Gregory

Client Care Coordinator

“I enjoy getting to know our clients and connecting them with clinicians and services that will help them"

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Communication from Westfield State College, Jocelyn went on to work in various fields, including biotech research and meeting and event planning.  She has strong attention to detail and is a creative problem solver.   Prior to joining Metrowest Nutrition, Jocelyn was a Covid-19 Contact Tracer for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

As Client Care Coordinator, Jocelyn ensures you get all your needs met in a timely manner.  She is the friendly voice and face you’ll likely encounter first at Metrowest Nutrition and will be a constant point of contact for you throughout your time in the practice. In her role as Client Care Coordinator, she helps our entire organization run smoothly and ensures you get the care you need.

Jocelyn is passionate about making people feel welcome and cared for. By being an active listener and asking open ended questions, she builds trust and strong relationships with others.

In addition to helping our clients access services within our practice, Jocelyn helps us form strong partnerships in the community, ensuring our clients access services outside our professional scope.

Jocelyn is a mother to three young children and loves to cook healthy and fun meals, getting her children involved in the process of creating good, satisfying food.


  • Empathy
  • Organization
  • Creativity