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A Few Thoughts on Resolutions

Amy Gardner / January 2, 2024

Thinking of making a resolution in 2024?

If so, you are in good company!

According to a recent Forbes survey of 1000 US adults, 62% of people feel pressure to set a new years resolution.

34% of Americans resolve to lose weight (shocking!). Another 32% resolve to improve their diet. 48% resolve to improve fitness (gym goers beware!).

Yet, only 1% of people report sticking to their resolution throughout the year. 1 in 10 people say their resolutions last only a month.

Reasons cited for lack of success include (1) following tradition versus an actual need for change, (2) underestimating obstacles, (3) failure to break larger goals into smaller, more measurable ones and (4) lack of accountability.

I would bet money that diet failure rates coupled with so many people resolving to lose wt is another reason!

One thing we see with our clients is that change rarely happens without first changing some fundamental things in one’s life. This could mean a new job, letting go of a toxic relationship, changing beliefs or changing how they show up in life and relationships.

In order to prioritize yourself and commit to self-care, you need to identify and remove what’s blocking you from doing it. This is not an easy feat!

A LOT of self-compassion and support is necessary to change deeply0-rooted lifestyle patterns that aren’t aligned with self-care.

What if instead of making a resolution to change how you body looks, you resolve to take better care of yourself with one simple action step?

Perhaps, instead of trying to change your body through deprivation, you chose to nourish and care for it just as it is?

Radical thought, huh?

It certainly can feel that way amidst the dominant diet culture messaging we’re immersed in this time of year.

Below are some ways you may consider caring for yourself in the new year that have nothing to do with changing your body. Any one of these alone may prove challenging!

Are there any resolutions above that resonate with you?

Are you setting a resolution?  Perhaps an intention?