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Intuitive Eating Group for Adults

Amy Gardner / January 11, 2024

Are You…

Done with diets but your relationship with food is a mess?
Interested in working on your food issues but not sure where to start?
Sick and tired of the ‘on and off’ diet cycle?
Looking to opt out of diets but everyone you know is on a diet? AND constantly talking about it?!
Looking for your own little diet-free bubble?
Perhaps you’ve started your intuitive eating journey and want more support.

Countering diet culture this time of year (or any!) can feel like swimming upstream in whitewater rapids. If you’re considering opting out of diet culture or early in your journey to opting out, it can be very hard to stay the course when everyone around you is moving in a different direction (i.e. on a diet).

You know that dieting (or any efforts to change your body) is life-sucking and frustrating. It wears you down.  But you don’t know another way to feel better about food…. your body… yourself in relation to food.

Maybe you’re still in the place of believing it’s your fault that the diet (aka lifestyle plan) isn’t ‘working’.  That it’s your lack of will power or some character flaw.  Hear me when I say, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT YOUR FAULT!!

And it’s not that you haven’t found the “right one” yet either….

The dieting cycle has been well-researched.  We know that restriction and deprivation leads to the inevitable merry-go-round:  restrict —> binge—> feel like a failure. Over time, this cycle destroys self-esteem and sense of efficacy.  Yet, so many humans repeat this cycle over and over each year.

BUT, the good news is, you can choose to STOP.

Intuitive Eating offers a roadmap to a completely different relationship with food. The 10 principles of intuitive eating offer a road map to move off the dieting bandwagon and finally feel good about your relationship with food.

I won’t lie… This is HARD work.
Doing it with others helps.

If this is work you’re interested in doing along with other adults in the same place as you, Laura and Sam invite you to join their group starting Feb 13th.  The group will offer guidance and education on Intuitive Eating principles, a safe space for processing and support and experiential opportunities (i.e. eating together, movement).  This group is for any adult age 30 and over who is ready to do some work on their relationship with food.  Individuals in eating disorder recovery are welcome provided they are at a stable point and open to this work.

This group is for you IF YOU:

1. Don’t trust your body to guide your food choices
2. Feel defeated over past failed diets/plans
3. Experience shame or guilt around food
4. Feel out of control with food
5. Are uncomfortable in situations around food
6. Have discomfort (physical/emotional) with your body
7. Feel isolated in your intuitive eating journey
8. Limit activities/ put life off because of your body
9. Feel preoccupied with food, weight and diet
10. Are over diets and done feeling this way!

If this sounds like a fit for you, complete the form below and Laura or Sam will reach out!

Apply HERE.


Day/ Time:  Tuesday Evenings 6-7:30PM
Dates: (6 Groups) 2/13, 2/10, 2/27, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19
Facilitators:  Laura Foresta, RD, LDN & Sam Millette, LICSW
Cost: $390 (Equity pricing available)
Who:  Adults of all genders ages 30+

About the Facilitators


Laura Foresta, RD, LDN is a registered dietitian with over 30 years of experience helping individuals heal their relationships with food and facilitating groups.  Laura grew up in an Italian American family where food was the focus of every gathering. Laura’s dirty little secret is she was a dietitian who couldn’t cook for many years. She has since learned to embrace her inner chef.  From her own experience, she knows it’s never too late to learn to prepare nourishing foods that taste delicious. She enjoys helping individuals find joy and freedom in their eating while exploring new foods and recipes.


Samantha Millette, LICSW is a social worker with extensive experience with eating disorders and disordered eating.  She’s led many groups in her time working at residential eating disorder programs.  Samantha is particularly drawn to the multi-disciplinary approach and passionate about helping her clients heal their relationship with food, body and selves.  As a fat provider, she hopes to provide space for clients to explore the impact of fat-phobia and diet culture messaging on self-worth and the role they play in an individual’s relationship with food and their body.

Will you join us? Apply HERE.