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Virtual Winter Break Meal Support Group 12/28 – 12PM

Amy Gardner / December 21, 2023

Needing a little extra support around your eating disorder recovery over winter break?

Join registered dietitian and certified eating disorder specialist, Amy Gardner along with others in eating disorder recovery for a Virtual Meal Support Group on Thursday, 12/28 at 12PM EST over Zoom.

Our Meal Support Group will include a brief grounding exercise followed by a check-in where participants are invited (not required) to introduce themselves and share their goal for the group. The group facilitator guides participants towards helpful conversation, offering pacing prompts and opportunities to check in with hunger/fullness cues. At the end of the group. participants will have a chance to briefly reflect on the meal and share what they plan to do following it.

Prior to the start of the group, the facilitator will send group guidelines out to everyone who registers. Participants are asked to bring a meal represented by at least three different foods in reasonable portions. In effort to create a positive mealtime environment, discussion about weight, food, numbers or diets is not allowed.

Cost for the group is $40.

Register here.