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What is Integrative Functional Nutrition?

STEPHEN AMELIA / May 24, 2018

IFN is an approach to nutrition counseling and therapy that is centered around a holistic, personalized approach to health and healing. Think of it as
an East meets West practice, where alternative and conventional practices are combined to create a tailored plan for you. For that reason, practitioners
place great importance on your personal story because everything in your life has an impact on nutrition and health including sleep and social life.
The goal is to consider all the components of your life and identify areas or factors that may lead to illness. By using cutting-edge research, an
IFN Dietitian may use a variety of tools to guide you towards better health including whole foods, tailored supplements and mind body modalities.

Rachel Vanderpool is a Registered Dietitian at Metrowest Nutrition. She has been
studying IFN for over 3 years and is an active member in the Dietitians for Integrative and Functional Nutrition, a practice group of the Academy of
Nutrition and Dietetics, Rachel utilizes an integrative and functional nutrition approach with adult clients struggling with digestive issues, autoimmune
thyroid (Hashimoto’s), food allergies and sensitivities, and overall wellbeing. She finds that with an IFN framework, she is able to go beyond a diet-mentality
and help clients rediscover a joy in food that serves their bodies and lifestyle.