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Together @ the Table

Amy Gardner / March 30, 2023

Are you in outpatient treatment for an eating disorder? 

Would you benefit from some additional support around meals?

Join eating disorder registered dietitians, Bella Mortenson and Enjely Mora for this weekly virtual meal support group.  You’ll have the opportunity to eat a meal along with others who are also in recovery in a supportive community.  Bella and Enjie will provide some guidelines for structure, prompts for self-reflection and encourage helpful discussion during the meal.  There will be time to process after the meal is complete.  

Curious but not ready to commit?  REGISTER HERE for the Information Session on Mon, April 24th, 6-6:30 PM


Day: Wednesdays

Time: 6:15-7:30 PM

Dates: May 10 – June 14th (6 sessions)

NOTE:  the first group will be an orientation and we will not eat.  Please plan to eat before.

Cost:  $320 in total 

Criteria for participation:
  • Adult age 18-26
  • Meets criteria for outpatient of care
  • Has a treatment team that includes PCP, therapist, and nutritionist
  • Can plan and complete an appropriate meal (including carbohydrates, proteins, and fats at each meal)
  • Able to commit to the whole six weeks
  • Has access to private space and computer or portable computer device (tablet, smartphone) to attend meals
Together participants will:
  • Learn and practice skills to reduce anxiety at meals
  • Challenge eating disorder thoughts and behaviors
  • Offer accountability for one another
  • Experiment with new, challenging foods
  • Work on creating more comfort at meals
  • Provide and receive support to/from peers
  • Work on individual food-related goals
What to expect 
  • Week 1: Orientation/ Getting to know each other (NO MEAL.  Please plan accordingly)
    • Establishing group norms
    • What to expect at groups, what to bring, etc.
    • What is helpful for you at meals? (i.e. prompting, music, etc)
    • Discussion topics we might want to steer towards/ away from
    • How do we create a safe environment for all group members?
    • Discuss different ideas for specific food exposure (i.e. burger night, Italian night, etc.)
  • Weeks 2-6: Supervised meals Wednesdays evenings
    • What to expect
      •  6:15-6:25pm: grounding and check-in
      • 6:25-7:10pm: meal
      • 7:10-7:30pm: processing and intention setting
Your Group Leaders

Enjely (“Enjie”) Mora

Enjie (she/her/hers) is a non-diet, Health at Every Size® aligned Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Therapist. Her own journey led her to this important work, and she is committed to helping individuals overcome fear and anxiety around food while fostering a supportive community. Enjie firmly believes in the power of re-establishing the connection between the mind and body to achieve optimal health and well-being. One important tool in this process is meal support, which involves having a trusted individual or group present during meals to provide encouragement and support. “I’ve seen firsthand how life changing it is for people to eat a meal with someone they trust to work through difficult emotions and sensations. Clients feel more empowered and confident to live their life freely.” Through her work, she hopes to offer a safe and inclusive space for people to embark on their own healing journey and achieve a balanced relationship with food and their bodies.

Isabella (“Bella”) Mortenson

Bella (she/her/hers) is a non-diet, Health at Every Size® aligned Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Therapist whose work is grounded in Intuitive Eating. She is inspired to help others find their own internal voice and compass, to ultimately work toward confidence and peace with food. Bella is an avid foodie, with a passion for testing new recipes and helping her clients rediscover pleasure in eating. She brings empathy and knowledge to her work, providing clients the support and tools they need to reach their goals and live a more satisfying life. “I’ve heard from my clients over and over that eating challenging foods with people who understand how challenging it is helps them feel less alone and more confident in their ability to work through uncomfortable feelings.” 

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