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Body Diversity: All Bodies Have Fat, Some More Than Others

AMY GARDNER / February 24, 2019

I read this story on Love What Matters blog and had to share it.  This is such an important message for parents, caregivers and medical providers.
Children’s bodies are different and develop at different rates. It’s so important to embrace biodiversity, look at the whole picture of health (and research)
and move away from archaic BMI standards. Kids’ bodies change rapidly. The average adolescent gains 40-50lbs between age 11-18 (and every body has
it’s own timeline). Let’s help preserve kids’ confidence and self-esteem. ALL bodies have fat, some are genetically programmed to have more than others.
Just as some are genetically programmed to have more pigmentation than others. Weight is 70% genetic (height is 80%). Despite the popular notion that
we can alter weight, there’s a reason 98% of diets fail and lead to more weight gain in the long run. Think about how you talk about your own body
and those around you. And if your a medical provider, understand the power you have and use it for good.


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