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A Whole Lot’s a Shakin!

AMY GARDNER / February 6, 2014

Wow, so much has been going on here at Metrowest Nutrition that I haven’t had a chance to update the blog!  That’s soon to change with all the extra mind power we’ve gained.

For starters, we are thrilled that veteran pediatric dietitian, Ashley Bade, RD, CPS has come on board full-time.  If you call the office these days, you’ll likely have a chance to talk with her live since she’s now in charge of scheduling.  I’d also like to congratulate Ashley on becoming a Certified Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition.  For those who don’t know what this is, believe me when I say it takes a lot of work and understanding of pediatric nutrition needs to earn this one.  Way to go Ashley!

We’ve also welcomed back Kerri Steinberg, MS, RD who will be seeing clients on Tuesdays in our Framingham office.  We’re so excited to have her back and looking forward to having her clinical expertise to share with our clients.  Kerri has a lot of experience with weight management, diabetes and other medical conditions and is looking for referrals so feel free to send people you know her way!

I’d also like to send out a warm welcome to Kristie Yeung, our nutrition intern.  Kristie is a graduate of BU’s Sargent School and has been helping us a lot.  We’re secretly all hoping she’ll bring us all back to her homeland in Hawaii the next time she goes!

Stay tuned for some more great things coming down the pike!

Aloha for now!