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AMY GARDNER / April 13, 2020

Is your body image at an all-time low?

Fear and it’s friends uncertainty and helplessness can increase negative body image while also increasing the amount of time you spend thinking about it.  In the current situation we’re in with the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes sense that fear and negative body image would be elevated right now.

This is one way your mind may be grasping for some sense of control; looking something concrete to explain the discomfort you are experiencing right now. Because if you can find the cause, you just might be able to fix it.

Spending a lot of time alone as many of us are, swimming in your own thoughts doesn’t help either.

So what could help? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Notice the feeling you have when negative thoughts about your body arise and name it. Naming the emotion and giving it space cab help decrease its intensity. Some refer to this as “name it to tame it”.
  2. Find activities that take your mind off body image thoughts. Things like coloring, knitting, scrapbooking, organizing, crossword or sudoku puzzles, cards, games, etc can help.
  3. Talk about it. Talk to friends, your therapist, your nutritionist, anyone who feels safe.
  4. Journal. Write your thoughts out. Can you think of ways to reality check your thoughts? Maybe ask “Is that true? Can you honestly know without a doubt that’s true?”. Use traditional CBT skills to look at evidence to support and refute your thoughts and reframe them.
  5. Opposite action of emotion. Feeling crappy about your body? While it may be hard, make a point to do something kind. Put a few drops of lavender in the bottom of your tub, put some music on and take a leisurely shower. Make one of your favorite comfort meals. Take a walk outside. Get into your comfiest pjs and take a nap. Try a home spa treatment.

What are ways you cope with negative body image?

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