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Want More Peace and Presence this Holiday Season?

Amy Gardner / November 10, 2022

Do you find the holidays stressful?
Do you feel pressure to ‘do it all’ but end up enjoying very little or none?
Does eating and body image add to your stress?
Do you arrive at the end of the season depleted and exhausted?

This is a common experience.  

Many of our clients note disrupted eating patterns during the holidays and this adds to the stress of the season.

Starting with Halloween, all the way through January 1st, clients come in describing mindlessness and disorganization in their eating, leading to sense of loss of control and erratic energy levels.

Stress and guilt about food only adds to the mental toll of the holidays.

It can be hard to navigate food and social situations during the holidays, particularly if your relationship with food and body image feels messy already.

What would it be like to experience peace and presence through the holidays?

It is possible … and our Dietitians and Therapists at Metrowest Nutrition are here to help you!

What if you were to arrive in January and look back on the last two months with a sense of peace and gratitude… or at least NOT feel completely depleted and regretful?

Imagine this year that you were …
  • Able to eat all the holiday foods without the guilt.
  • More present this season for your family, friends and most of all … yourself!
  • Found ways to soothe sadness and feelings of grief that are often present during the holiday season.

We know it’s challenging to find peace and be fully present in the season.  AND let’s be honest, we can’t experience this all the time.  However, intentionally moving towards this will help you maintain resilience through whatever comes your way this season.

It’s easy to get derailed by the emotional and social turbulence that comes with the holidays.

As challenging as it is to stay on course with self-care this time of year, it’s even more challenging to go it alone. Having regular check points with our team of experts ready to support you can help stay on track with self-care.  Our team is available support and guide you to a place where you can truly find peace and remain present during the holidays.

We recognize that you likely don’t have a lot of time to commit to a program and limited funds for additional expenses this time of year.  Which is why we are offering this low time and cost investment program with A LOT of VALUE.

Join us for “Peace & Presence through the Holidays” this November and December

This program provides periodic touch points throughout the season to help you cultivate presence and peace during this busy time of year.

Through this series, you will have the opportunity to connect with our team of dietitians and therapists as they share self-care strategies you can use to better manage stress, handle food and navigate social situations that come with the holiday season.

Do you want to be more present for the season…

Instead of arriving at the end of the holidays exhausted and depleted, learn ways to preserve and maintain energy throughout the season.  AND be prepared NOT to fall into the New Year’s Resolution trap come January!

Listen as our team members talk through the challenges and opportunities the holidays present and how we navigate these with our clients. Receive ideas for simple and accessible, time efficient self-care practices you can easily employ on a daily basis.

You will receive flexible access to resources for managing the stress of the holidays, guidance around food and social situations and guided mindfulness and movement practices to help you cope with challenges, find peace and be present this season.

Program Details:

DATES: Nov 14 & 28, Dec 12 & 19
LOCATION: Zoom (link will be provided with registration)
TIME:  12:00 PM  ET  (45 minute sessions)
COST: $75

Topics we will be covering in this two month program

11/14 – Finding Food Freedom – Eating without guilt and remorse through the holidays.

11/28 – Minding the Moment: A mindful movement activity led by on of our yoga instructors.  Plus, simple ways you can incorporate mindfulness to manage the stress of the season.

12/12 – Social Serenity – Navigating the social scene, including difficult relationships and conversations, isolation, diet talk and body comments.

12/19 – Resolutions without Restriction – How to avoid the diet trap in the New Year and find resolutions that align with your values

Book your spot now for this 2 month program!

Registration Includes:

  • Access to the 4 (four) LIVE Virtual Sessions with our team
  • Weekly emails with tips, guided meditations, movement practices and breathing exercises
  • Recordings of the sessions
  • Resources, handouts to help you create peace and be present