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Upcoming Group – Finding Fat Joy

Amy Gardner / December 28, 2022

Community and connection for people in larger bodies living in a weight-centric world

Do you live in a fat* body? 

Are you lonely, exhausted, and/or stressed trying to navigate family, friends, and/or health systems focused on weight?

Metrowest Nutrition is dedicated to providing people with nourishment beyond nutrients. 

Our team members, Annie and Megan are hosting a virtual peer support group for people in fat bodies to come together to create a supportive community where people of all ages and gender identities can together share their lived experience of being in a fat body.

Together we’ll …

  • Share lived experience
  • Navigate grief and anger
  • Find, create, and experience joy beyond the body 
  • Navigate and explore institutionalized healthisms, phrases 
  • Explore uncomfortable scenarios (“weight compliments”)

We’ll explore topics such as …

  • Finding clothing at retailers
  • Navigating weight based healthcare systems
  • Unsolicited commentary about nutrition or fitness
  • Honoring / respecting the body, even when you don’t like it
  • Seating designs and situations
  • Preferred language
  • Boundaries 

This group may be for you if you…

  • Are open and curious to learn about other people’s experiences. 
  • Have established mental health support systems. 
  • Comfortable participating in and being on a virtual platform.
  • Want to increase psychological comfort in your body

We want to be clear this experience is NOT

  • A substitute for mental health
  • Therapy group 
  • Eating disorder support group
  • Weight loss group

Please complete this form to express interest!

When? Every other Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm EST starting Feb 1st for a total of 6 session

How much? $280 (Equity pricing available for those with historically marginalized identities)

Where? Zoom virtual meeting. We are asking for folks to be ready to participate with cameras on.

How many? Max 16 participants

How to join? Please complete this form to see if this group is right for you. Once you apply, someone will reach out to you within 2-3 business days to share more about the experience and confirm participation. 

*DISCLAIMER We use the word “fat” here as a neutral descriptor of a person’s body. Just like we would use “tall” or “short” to describe someone’s height. We use the words “fat” and “thin” to describe the spectrum of shapes and sizes.  It’s akin to curvy, plus-size, ample, large. It is not a “bad” word, an insult, or reference to a person’s character. Using this word to describe a body is a bit of a radical move for people, to reclaim and reframe a word that had previously elicited so much shame. We recognize there are people in this world who use it as an insult or a derogatory term. But as a weight inclusive practice with a strong social justice lens, it’s our effort to create a shift in power.