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NEW Group! Culinary Exploration for High Schoolers

Amy Gardner / August 16, 2023

We are excited to start offering Culinary Therapy!  This new group for high school aged teens is the first of many.

What is Culinary Therapy?

Like meal therapy, culinary therapy is a way to learn something by experiencing and doing–experiential learning.  In this case, cooking together!  Culinary lessons teach teens how to prepare and experimenting with food themselves as they look forward to feeding themselves independently.

Our Culinary Exploration for High Schoolers group helps teens build a stronger, positive relationship with food to alleviate fear and negative emotions associated with food, while also facilitating a positive experience of community and supporting health and healing.

Kimberly Evans is a registered dietitian and chef with 30 years of experience helping individuals heal their relationship with food and form nourishing connections with their bodies and others in community.

Details about the fall group

Time: Wednesday afternoons at 4:30-5:30pm Oct 11th – Nov 1st (4 weeks)

Location: Newton Centre office

Facilitator: Kimberly Evans, MS, RD

Cost:  $240 for 4 weeks (may be covered by insurance depending on your policy)

Size: 4-5 participants

If you are interested in this group, complete this application and Kimberly will be in touch.