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NEW! Food Play and Fitness Workshop

AMY GARDNER / April 2, 2019

We’re excited to offer a new element to our popular Food Play Group.  During this one time workshop, kids will engage in some fun movement, getting
their appetites primed for food exposure.  While the kids play with food, parents will benefit from some movement of their own through a one-hour
group personal training session.

Date:  Saturday, April 27th

Time:  3-4:30PM

Facilitators:  Jennifer Drohan, M.Ed, RDN, Meaghan Alexander, MS, RD and Amy Gardner, MS, RD

Personal Trainer courtesy of At Home Fit.

Participants:  Kids ages 4-8 and their parents


 A personal trainer will lead a 20-minutes group exercise for the kids while parents meet with the pediatric dietitians to discuss
concerns, ask questions and receive guidance for encouraging food exploration at home.

Then, while the kids are having fun making placemats and exploring new foods, parents will receive an hour-long personal training session with a certified
personal trainer.

Details on Food Play

Our Food Play Group is based on Dr. Kay Toomey’s SOS (Sequential Oral Sequencing) approach to feeding.  We provide an opportunity for exposure to new foods through play.  Activities we’ve done in the past include building cars out
of various fruits and veggies, making bean mosaics, singing and dancing to fun food-based songs, reading books about food (and trying foods mentioned
in the books). painting with food and constructing towers out of toothpicks and foods.  Our activity will depend on the age and make-up of the
group and information gathered from the detailed parent questionnaire provided.

Throughout the process, kids are gently encouraged to touch, smell, kiss and interact with foods to build comfort. Kids participate in the group independently
with parents in an adjacent room. Parents are provided with education and guidance for continued progress at home.  Individual consultation outside
of the group is also offered and often covered by insurance.

Limited to 8 kids and 8 parents