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Moving Our Newton Location August 1st

AMY GARDNER / July 23, 2014

We are moving and expanding.  We are sad to leave our current office suite and suitemates, Elder Resources but are very excited to have all this additional
space.  The new suite will be entirely our own and provide us the opportunity to do more groups, eating and cooking activities with clients and
accomodate more office hours.  We welcome you to come visit us at our new location when you get a chance:

1400 Centre Street, Suite 207

Newton, MA  02459
P:  617-332-2282 x1 (same number)

F:  508-302-0507 (NEW number)

We’ll post some pictures soon.  Ashley and I will be in on Friday start setting up and likely assembling a lot of furniture if you want to
stop by and say hi!