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How Do You Nourish Yourself?

AMY GARDNER / August 23, 2017

What nourishes you?  What crucial ingredients make up the recipe for your wellbeing?  Food, while certainly important, isn’t the only way we
nourish ourselves.  I was talking with some colleagues recently about how we recharge.  It was interesting (and not surprising) to realize
how unique our needs are in this area.  A more introverted person longs for solitude and quiet, time to reflect inward, whereas an extrovert feels
more “fed” surrounded by friends.  One person  moves their body and another curls up on the couch with a soft blanket.  Just as these
needs vary from one individual to the next, they vary within an individual depending on the situation.  It’s easy to short-change self-care,
placing other obligations ahead of it, but notice what happens when you do.  We need to refill ourselves before we hit empty – just like our cars.
It may sound corny but I’ve actually come up with an acronym for my needs – COMFIES.  Whenever I start to feel off-balance or stressed,
I remind myself of this and repeat it like a mantra.  Next, I pull out my calendar and make a deliberate point of scheduling in some comfies.
Curious what it stands for?
C – Connection
O – Open space (preferably outdoors)
M – Meditation
I – In the kitchen (cooking)
E – Exercise
S – Solitude


Think about what recharges you.  How can you find simple ways to remind yourself of these things AND fit them into your life on a regular basis?  If
you’re looking for more suggestions, here’s a list from Psych Central.