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Give Thanks, Eat, Let Go of Guilt.

AMY GARDNER / November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday; a chance to reflect, connect with family and enjoy delicious food. However, for many, it’s mixed with feelings of fear and guilt. A day known for indulgence, those with eating disorders and food issues find it challenging.  Here are a few tips to help you through:

1.  Plan ahead.  Make a game plan for the day.  Visualizing it will help.

2.  Don’t skip meals.  Restricting leads to overeating and bingeing.

3.  Take breaks from food (and people) as needed.

4.  Get some exercise or go outside.  Take a brisk walk with a family member or pet.

5.  Remember, it’s only ONE DAY!

This may help.  The truth is you can’t do much “damage” in a day.  As this article notes, while popular diet websites claim high calorie tallies of 4500-5000, it’s a feat just to reach 3000. Translate this to weight gain, accounting for the increase in metabolism due to digestion and we’re talking 1/8-1/4 pound tops!  Most of us, especially women fluctuate more than that on a daily basis anyway.  If you’re listening to your body and following hunger cues, it’ll all even out anyway.  Any attempt to prepare for your feast by restricting leading up to it is more likely to result in a full out binge, days of being “off” and greater remorse. So indulge and enjoy.  LET GO OF THE GUILT!