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Fueling the Teen Athlete: A 2-Part Series

Amy Gardner / September 6, 2023

Do you worry your teen…

isn’t fueling their body enough to support the demands of their sport?

is eating too much “junk” or sugar?

isn’t growing enough or hasn’t hit puberty?

Does your teen ahlete….

“hit the wall” and have no energy at times?

complain of stomachaches, nausea or headaches?

Are you curious about the nutrients needs for an adolescent athlete?
Is your teen interested in learning how to fuel their body for optimal performance and injury prevention?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this webinar series is ideal for you and your child. Get answers to these common questions and set your child up for a successful sport season and year ahead.

In this webinar, teens and parents will learn about:

  • Key nutrients athletes need at this age
  • Common pitfalls athletes face with food
  • Fueling for optimal performance, growth and injury prevention
  • The signs of low energy availability (LEA), Relative low Energy Density in Sport (RED-S) and how to manage it
  • Best pre- and post-practice meals and snacks
  • Dangers of dieting and diet messaging, particularly for athletes
  • Managing “junk” food and sugar
  • Energy drinks and hydration
About the Presenter

Enjely Mora, MS, RD (“Enjie”) is a registered dietitian with a sports specialty. She is a former marine and competitive aerialist. Her own experience as an athlete fuels her passion to help other athletes. Recognizing the importance of nutrition for personal injury prevention and athletic performance is what led her to the nutrition field. In addition to her work here at Metrowest Nutrition and Therapy, Enjie also works at a local college in their athletic department where she provided team trainings and individual counseling to athletes.


Date(s):  Tuesday, September 26th and Tuesday, October 3rd

Time:  7-8PM

Location:  Zoom

*Recordings will be made available to all registrants