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Exercise Resistance – How To Shift It

AMY GARDNER / April 25, 2017

Not feeling motivated to exercise?  You’re not alone.  Research shows that only 20% of people in the US exercise regularly.  Many people
experience what’s known as exercise resistance.  Exercise resistancenot to be confused with “resistance exercise”
is the tendency to avoid exercise.  While some people live to move, others might find it comparable to filing their taxes.

We all know exercise has benefits.   BUT, knowledge isn’t going to get us off the couch if we don’t feel like moving.  Psychological and environmental
barriers, past experience, personal beliefs and mentality about exercise all play a role in exercise resistance.  If you’re struggling and
want to shift behavior, try looking at your assumptions and thought patterns.  Is there some “all or nothing” mentality at play?  Try moving
away from black and white mentality.  Seek progress, not perfection.
Below you’ll find common thought patterns that lead to exercise resistance along with helpful ways to reframe these thoughts and action steps you can take
if you wish to make some changes.  Keep in mind that positive emotional experience is what fosters repeat behavior.  Look for the “satisfaction
factor” in exercise.
Want to read more on exercise resistance?  Check out this great article by Karin Kratina, Ph.D.