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Food For Thought: The Power of the Language We Use Around Food

Cooking Tip #4 – Cooking Greens

AMY GARDNER / March 29, 2016

The virtuous green, leafy vegetable.  We hear so much about it but, if you’re anything like me up until a few years ago, these behemoth-leafed vegetables are daunting.  What exactly are you supposed to do with them anyway?.  Thanks to their increasing popularity and the proliferation of...

An Egg-Cellent Idea!

AMY GARDNER / March 11, 2016

Eggs are simply amazing. An inexpensive protein source packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals. AND, check out this great (and super fun) tip on separating eggs courtesy of my niece, Olivia! A single large boiled egg contains: Vitamin A: 6%...

The Big Problem with Fat Shaming

AMY GARDNER / February 23, 2016

Check out the homerun letter Jill Merrigan writes in response to this article on   Dear Eric Wilbur and editors at, The problem is not with Pablo Sandoval’s weight but is with the inappropriate emphasis and attention you have given to Sandoval’s weight....


AMY GARDNER / January 22, 2015

Water.  It’s so easy to forget it this time of year but SO important not to.  50-60% of the body is water and it’s a critical ingredient for all metabolic processes.  We need about 1ml of water for every calorie...

Eat Your Fat Folks!

AMY GARDNER / August 7, 2014

For years, health practitioners led by USDA guidelines, have been encouraging people to cut out fat.  The result has been an influx of highly processed, low fat options that are higher in sugar and/or simple carbohydrates.  We’ve also led on the assumption that a calorie,...