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Best bet for kids’ beverages… and getting them to drink them

Join us for Lunch!

AMY GARDNER / May 22, 2013

Please join us for lunch THIS THURSDAY, May 23rd from 11:30-1 in our Newton Center office.  Learn how understanding the Glycemic Index can help boost metabolism, increase energy and manage weight.  Registered Dietitian, Amy Gardner will lead an active discussion...

Good Food Gone Bad

AMY GARDNER / October 18, 2012

Here in the land of plenty, we have come to assume that nutritional deficiencies are a thing of the past.  True, we aren’t lacking macronutrients; we get plenty of carbohydrate, protein and fat.  However, that doesn’t ensure we aren’t falling short...

Earthly Delights

AMY GARDNER / July 25, 2012

Jackie Ballou, MS, RD To my delight, my boyfriend’s mother recently made me up a bag of fresh vegetables to take home.  The delectable leaves, roots and flowers inside were anything but ordinary. She told me one of the vibrant...

Cranberry Couscous Salad

AMY GARDNER / July 11, 2012

Looking for a tasty and healthy dish for the summer?  Try this versatile cranberry couscous salad.  It’s a great side dish but also complete enough to be a meal itself.  This low glycemic salad is nutrient-packed with lots of fiber, protein, B6,...

What’s For Dinner?

AMY GARDNER / May 8, 2012

Jackie Ballou, MS, RD Eating dinner as a family holds benefits that go beyond nutrition.  Kids who eat more family meals at home are more apt to have better quality diets than those who eat more meals out.  Research shows...

BPA Alert!

AMY GARDNER / November 15, 2011

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