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Warming Winter Snacks for Kids

ALISON TONSMEIRE / January 22, 2018

Children can work up quite an appetite playing in the snow and enjoying all that winter has to offer. After an exciting adventure outside, children and adults may need a snack to feel reenergized. Here are some warming winter snack suggestions aimed...

The Risks Of Food Rewards

ALISON TONSMEIRE / January 18, 2018

Have you ever been frustrated and wondered how to convince your preschooler to behave? A sweet or dessert may seem like a powerful motivator in the moment but could backfire later. As a long-term reward Preschool children have not developed the sense...

How Do You Nourish Yourself?

AMY GARDNER / August 23, 2017

What nourishes you?  What crucial ingredients make up the recipe for your wellbeing?  Food, while certainly important, isn’t the only way we nourish ourselves.  I was talking with some colleagues recently about how we recharge.  It was interesting (and not...

Mindful Exercise

AMY GARDNER / May 3, 2017

When was the last time you thought, “I’m really craving a walk” or “I feel like dancing”?  Our bodies are made to move and if we allow them to, they will let us know when and what they’re needing for...