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Binge Eating is NOT About Lack of Restraint!

Amy Gardner / October 24, 2023

Contrary to popular opinion, Binge Eating is not about lack of restraint.

So many people we work with who struggle with binge eating or binge eating disorder (BED), believe bingeing is all about will power and self-control.

This couldn’t be more FALSE!

The reality is, binge eating is a direct result of restrictive eating patterns. EVEN a simple thought of restricting (i.e. thinking about starting a diet, planning to “cut back on x food”) can set off a binge.  Deprivation is a key factor in binge eating patterns.  Guilt and shame over bingeing only perpetuate the restrict-binge cycle.

People often feel like there is something wrong with them when they can’t “just stop” binge eating patterns. Binge eating has both physiological and emotional triggers. NO level of self restraint, self-berating or will power will “fix it”. In fact, that common line of thinking is what drives feelings of shame and binge eating.

If you are struggling with binge eating and truly want to heal, learning about Intuitive Eating while exploring the underlying issues is important. Along with a HUGE amount of self-compassion. We would love to support you on your journey.  Reach out to start here!