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B6 and Magnesium for Autism and ADHD

AMY GARDNER / May 23, 2014

a healthy, whole foods-based diet, there are a few nutrition therapies that work wonders for kids on the autism spectrum.  One of these is supplementation
with B6 and magnesium.  The combination of these two nutrients in therapeutic doses (i.e. above RDA) has been shown to decrease self-stimming
behaviors, improve eye contact and calm a “high engine”.  This article details the mechanism of action.

If you want to explore this option with your toddler or child (or even as an adult) it is important to seek the help of a qualified dietitian.  There
are some (reversible) side effects that you will want to monitor as you gradually increase the dose.  A dietitian along with your physician can
help ensure that you implement this nutrition therapy safely and help you taper off of it if and when appropriate.

More on nutrition therapy for autism to come.

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