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Heather Lavery

Jocelyn Gregory / March 18, 2024

Heather is passionate about helping athletes and active individuals challenge diet culture and heal disordered eating patterns in order to nourish and fuel their bodies. She utilizes a HAES-aligned approach, empowering her clients to establish lifelong patterns that fit their busy lives and training goals. She has experience working with a range of athletes, including first-time and repeat marathon runners, high school athletes, gym-goers, and individuals who are redefining their relationship with exercise.

Carolyn Dubnik

Jocelyn Gregory / January 22, 2024

I have over 2 years’ experience working with clients with eating disorders at the inpatient/residential level of care. I am excited about continuing my work with the eating disorder population, and am passionate about helping others heal their relationships with food and movement! I find joy in helping my clients rediscover their love for foods they used to enjoy.

Samantha Millette

Amy Gardner / October 16, 2023

Samantha completed her undergraduate degree at Lesley University double majoring in Expressive Arts Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. Her internship at Boston Children’s Hospital in the acute psychiatric unit was where she first developed an interest in eating disorder treatment. She went on to complete her master’s in social work at Simmons University and has worked in multiple levels of eating disorder treatment.

Alexa Riccio

Jocelyn Gregory / October 12, 2023

After beginning her own intuitive eating journey back in 2020, she became incredibly passionate about nutrition, health, and body positivity. It was that year that Alexa made the career change to start working as a Care Coordinator in the healthcare field. Since then, Alexa’s desire for helping others on their own intuitive eating and nutritional paths has only grown. Alexa is an experienced and eager care coordinator who enjoys getting clients started in their journeys.

Amanda Curde

Jocelyn Gregory / September 7, 2023

Amanda started her career journey working in the mental health field, working in various medical offices, and then at University of Tennessee. In her role as Billing Assistant with Metrowest Nutrition and Therapy, Amanda is an incredibly empathic and helpful team player. She always has the best interests of our clients at heart and strives for excellent customer service in all her interactions.