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Anne Godina, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian

Anne is passionate about helping individuals lead a balanced life through the pathways of nutrition and health.  She understands that each client is an individual and embraces a nonjudgmental and motivational approach to true wellness.  She received a BS from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and an MS from Benedictine University in Illinois while completing her dietetic internship.

Anne gained tremendous eating disorder experience while working with adolescents and adults at Timberline Knolls Residential Center just outside Chicago, Illinois.  She relocated to the Boston area a couple years ago and initially worked as an inpatient clinical dietitian where she further developed her skills in the areas of diabetes, renal, cardiovascular and medical nutrition therapy.  Anne works part-time at the Renfrew Center for eating disorders in Boston and has also worked with the New York Clinical Recovery Specialists supporting individuals with meal support, food exposure challenges and management of food-related events.

Anne understands there are many different components to healing the relationship with food which is necessary to provide nourishment for the mind, body and the soul. Her goal is to help her clients discover the tools necessary to balance normalized eating in everyday life. She uses a collaborative approach with clients to ensure clients are making speakable what they would like from treatment which helps pave the road to true recovery.

Anne is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Behavioral Health Dietetic practice group, and Massachusetts Dietetic Association. She preaches and believes in work-life balance, you can find her exploring the New England area with her husband, reading, attending sporting events, yoga, and enjoying routine Skype sessions with her family and friends back in Illinois.

Eating Disorders
Weight Management
Medical  Nutrition Therapy

Anne Godina, MS, RD