Amy Gardner, MS, RD (Owner)

Owner/ Registered Dietitian

Amy Gardner, MS, RD, LDN is the proud and passionate owner and founder of Metrowest Nutrition, serving over 3000 patients in 3 locations throughout the MetroWest area since 2011. 

Amy’s road to nutrition is one that hits close to home, one that laid out a life path and roadmap, one she knew was meant to take on from a very early age. 

When Amy was just a child, she watched a number of close relatives develop serious chronic health conditions, but quickly took interest and became aware of how many of those issues could be managed through everyday lifestyle changes. Her inspiration to choose a career in nutrition didn’t stop there. Later, in her teens Amy became aware of the extreme body image pressures young men and women experience because of society’s expectations, while simultaneously seeing how the way she fueled her body affected her athletic performance. 

All of these little life moments lit a fiery spark within Amy that fueled her desire to seek a Bachelors of Science in Clinical Nutrition at UNH. Amy’s drive and desire for nutrition knowledge continued, leading her to go on to pursue an MS from NYU while completing a dietetic internship at the Bronx VA Medical Center. 

Her continued learning and dedication led her to being offered a position at the VA hospital as the Outpatient Dietitian in the Renal Dialysis, Hematology, Immunology and Oncology clinics where she got the best hands on experience developing her knowledge and helping thousands of people with chronic and life threatening conditions. 

After several years working in New York, Amy finally returned home to New England, taking a position as outpatient dietitian at Boston Medical Center where she began to understand the strong connections between socioeconomic status, psychology and health. 

Amy had a strong desire to dive in deeper and learn more about the psychology of eating.  She was fascinated by the complexity of issues leading to disruptions in eating patterns.  She accepted a position in an eating disorder program at McLean Hospital where she quickly realized her passion and soul purpose.

While working at McLean, Amy developed a deep understanding and compassion for those struggling with eating disorders, while simultaneously developing a strong knowledge of other complex psychiatric illnesses and further developing her counseling skills.  When the Klarman Eating Disorder Center for adolescents opened in 2003, Amy accepted a position as Senior Nutritionist which was where she found her calling for management. She put her natural leadership skills to use while developing programs and systems to improve client care and loved working with other program leaders.  Most of all, she loved mentoring others. 

In 2005, Amy followed her intuition and took a leap of faith into private practice.  As her practice grew, so did her passion to make a greater impact. And In 2011, Metrowest Nutrition was born!

In her clinical practice, you’ll find Amy focused on eating disorders, body image and weight concerns, pediatric feeding concerns, autism, ADHD, and an overall holistic approach to wellness and disease prevention.  She also leads school programs for PK through college and provides professional supervision and business consultation to other registered dietitians.

Amy works collaboratively and closely with patients, parents, psychologists, feeding teams, occupational therapists, speech therapists, behavioral therapists, and schools to ensure her clients reach their health goals while fostering a positive relationship with food and their body.

When you step inside Metrowest Nutrition, you’ll find her tackling a Health At Every Size, non-diet approach with mindfulness techniques to help empower individuals to listen to their bodies’ internal cues and become more attuned to their unique biological rhythms. 

She believes eating should be both flexible and pleasurable while providing the necessary fuel for all the things you wish to do in life! 


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Weight and Body Image Concerns

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Amy Gardner, MS, RD (Owner)