Alison Tonsmeire, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian/ Clinical Training Coordinator

Meet Allison! Allison is one of the bright and bubbly, passionate dietitians here at Metrowest Nutrition! 

Believe it or not, because of how amazing this girl is at her job, Allison’s life didn’t take her the Dietitian route at first because of her love for kids. Prior to schooling and a career in nutrition, Allison was a preschool teacher where she taught at Beacon Hill Nursery for about three years. 

As a teacher, Allison began to understand the importance of nutrition in children’s lives.  She began to incorporate nutritional lesson into her everyday planning, introducing new foods, reinforcing beneficial nutritional habits that help children to flourish. The school, loved her teachings so much that she’s still serves as the Pediatric Nutrition Consultant for Beacon Hill Nursery School.

Before Allison found her love for nutrition from her love for children, she proudly grew up in Boston and attended Boston University where she received a degree in psychology. During college, Allison studied eating disorders intensely, working closely with one of her professors for two semesters to learn as much as she could on the topic. 

Soon after successfully completing her undergraduate degree, Alison went on to pursue a master’s degree in nutrition from Boston University, where she gained the understanding and skills necessary to ensure her patients receive adequate nutrition and support and fostered a deep commitment to helping each patient establish a healthier relationship with food.

Prior to arriving here at Metrowest Nutrition, Alison worked for a number of years at Walden Behavioral Care as the Lead Dietitian.  While at Walden, she worked with adolescents and adults at different levels of eating disorder treatment, gaining a deep understanding of eating disorder care.  She also gained a lot of experience mentoring and training other dietitians in eating disorder work, a talent we are taking full advantage of! 

Alison is a firm believer that complete recovery from an eating disorder is possible by empowering each individual uniquely and instilling skills necessary to work through the recovery process, while working with clients of all ages, and knows no gender! 

Alison proudly operates from a Health at Every Size (HAES) lens and creatively pulls from all different techniques and models.  As she always says, there is never only one way to do things! 

One of her biggest strengths is knowing that dietary change is complex, and knowledge is not the only factor involved to create change. She’s known to use motivational interviewing to explore any ambivalence as well as provides nutrition education and compassionate feedback to help her clients reach their nutrition goals. While Alison finds working with clients who have eating disorders both enjoyable and rewarding, her passion for helping others is not limited to those living with eating disorders. 

Outside of the office you can find Alison  outdoors-hiking, swimming, skiing, and ice skating while spending time with her husband, their two cats, and friends, or simply reading a good book! 

Alison is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Multidisciplinary Eating Disorder Association (MEDA) and the Massachusetts Dietetic Association.

Eating Disorders
Picky eating
Intuitive eating
Health and wellness
Women’s health
Body Image/ Weight concerns

Alison Tonsmeire, MS, RD