Alison Kaufman, MS, RD

Alison, Kaufman, MS, RD

Meet Alison! 

Alison has always had a natural knack for nutrition and health, but her love and passion for the industry really shaped into something of its own after she became the proud mother of two (now three) beautiful kids! 

One of the things Alison has enjoyed most about parenthood is being able to share her love of food with her kids, and that time they get to spend together in the kitchen. Alison saw that when they cooked together in the kitchen, her kids were starting to nurture their own food experiences. Alison quickly understood that the early years are a pivotal time to make a difference in a child’s relationship with food, and is committed to helping other parents make the most of this precious time.

As a mother herself, Alison knows just what it’s like to feel the pressure that’s placed on  parents to make sure our kids are eating healthy, and realizes it has also never been so difficult to properly nourish children with all the conflicting information and expectations circulating around. 

Despite these different ideas and expectations having good intentions of nourishing our kids, these dynamics and misinformation can often backfire, resulting in power struggles between children and parents, short order cooking, limited palettes, parental distress, and ultimately, our kids start feeling the stress, too.

Because meals and snacks take place multiple times each day, every day, negativity and struggle can take over; and it is also a tremendous opportunity to learn and make changes with all those chances to practice another way.

With the support from a registered dietitian and mother like Alison, clients are learning how to facilitate a variety of food choices with their kids, making meals enjoyable for the whole family again, and keep kids healthy, strong, and growing. All of this results in confident parents, happier kids, and healthier futures for our children! 

Alison has always had a passion for helping families.  Prior to arriving at Metrowest Nutrition and after receiving a BS and MS in Clinical Nutrition from Boston University, she was the Director of Hunger and Nutrition at Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Boston.  Alison believes access to healthy, satisfying food is an essential right and the basis for realizing higher purpose in life. 

At Metrowest Nutrition, you can find Alison working with children and adolescents, parents and their parents on feeding concerns from picky eating, food selectivity, food relationships, disordered eating, and weight concerns. Aside from helping young ones of all ages, Alison also enjoys working with adults on weight concerns, food relationships, disordered eating, and chronic disease management. 

Since joining us in 2016, we’ve witnessed significant growth in Alison’s clinical and counseling skills, particularly for those struggling with eating disorders.  She really enjoys helping people get off the dieting cycle and establish an enjoyable, sustainable relationship with food. We also have to mention, she’s pretty amazing with binge eating and has specialized training in Avoidant Restrictive Food and Intake Disorder (ARFID).

Alison is a member of the Multi-Service Eating Disorder Association and attends regular training around eating disorders.


Eating Disorders (Binge Eating, ARFID specialty)

Body Image and Weight Concerns

Pediatric Nutrition

Family Feeding

Alison Kaufman, MS, RD