Alison Kaufman, MS, RD

Alison, Kaufman, MS, RD

Meet Alison!

Alison is passionate about helping people with their relationship with food and bodies by encouraging self-compassion, awareness, and practice (not perfection). Alison works closely with other members of the treatment team including medical doctors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and occupational therapists in order to promote coordinated care and patient progress. She has experience treating kids ages 2 and older, teenage boys and girls, and young adults to older adults.

When Alison works with patients, she helps them notice progress they might not notice on their own, and provides information that helps patients build a basis from which to work from. She believes it is possible for meals to feel less stressful, for guilt to decrease, and for negative self-talk to be quieter. In addition, Alison helps parents gain confidence and skills to help their kids get the nutrition they need despite feeding or growth concerns; and helps student athletes understand what they need to eat to properly fuel for their sport.

Alison has been practicing nutrition for 15 years. Prior to Metrowest Nutrition, Alison was a program director at Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Boston for nine years. Early in her career, she worked at the Boston University Sargent Choice Nutrition Center where she counseled faculty, staff and students including student athletes, and helped to establish the on-campus healthy dining program. She also worked at Newton Wellesley Hospital as an inpatient dietitian. She earned her B.S. in dietetics and M.S. in nutrition science from Boston University, and completed her dietetic internship at Newton Wellesley Hospital. She has completed advanced training in intuitive eating, child feeding, eating disorders, and ARFID.

Alison’s professional interests are picky eating, family feeding, weight concerns in kids and adolescents, sports nutrition, body image concerns, disordered eating, and eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID).

Alison loves making pancakes with her kids, practicing yoga, playing soccer, going out for a great meal, and working in her flower garden.


Eating Disorders (Binge Eating, ARFID specialty)

Body Image and Weight Concerns

Pediatric Nutrition

Family Feeding

Alison Kaufman, MS, RD