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Jennifer Drohan, M.Ed, RD

Licensed and Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

“It’s important for people of all ages to know that, just like life, nutritious eating is a journey not a destination.”

Jenn found her love for nutrition, and obtained a degree in the field, when studying at the University of New Hampshire. She worked at Children’s Hospital in Boston before going on to complete a Master in Nutrition Education at Framingham State College, where she also did her dietetic internship.

After becoming a mom to a child with autism, ADHD and related GI issues, Jenn fell in love with helping other families on the same path. She began consulting for Early Intervention (EI). At EI, Jenn collaborated with therapists to create nutritional goals for children and their families. Jenn empowers parents to change different types of eating behaviors, while promoting pleasure in the feeding process with their children. Jenn has given numerous professional parent talks on nutrition and autism and continues to be intrigued by the role of the Gut Biome in GI issues.

Jenn gained extensive experience in Nutrition Support while working at Massachusetts General Hospital as a member of their Nutrition Support Team. She went on to work with several infusion therapy companies as a Home Nutrition Support Dietitian


  • Pediatric Nutrition
  • Autism/ADHD
  • Weight and Body Image Concerns
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy