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Introducing FUEL

AMY GARDNER / July 24, 2014

Here it is.  Introducing our signature wellness program FUEL™.

We’ve worked with organizations, companies and schools on wellness programming for years and decided it was time to create a comprehensive wellness package to better meet these needs.  FUEL™ incorporates components we’ve found successful in fueling positive behavior and culture change with our clients.  When individuals feed well, unite well, exercise well and live well, they are happier and more productive at life; both at home and at work.  The program can be easily customized to meet individual corporate and academic needs.

According to Tom Rath, Wellbeing is comprised of five elements: (1) career wellbeing, (2) financial wellbeing (3) physical wellbeing (4) community wellbeing and (5) social wellbeing.
FUEL™ harnesses all the five elements of wellbeing.

  • Engages participants daily
  • Builds in goal setting and accountability
  • Provides a face to the program; a qualified registered dietitian
  • Hosts an online portal for open discussion and support
  • Creates an individualized online library including videos and handouts
  • Fosters a culture of wellness within the organization
  • Gamefies the process to enable team building and provide incentives
  • Enables regular interaction amongst participants building a sense of community
  • Rewards healthy behaviors both intrinsically and through tangible incentives
  • Improves presenteesism (career wellbeing)
  • Reduces healthcare costs and spending for the participant and organization
  • Reduces absenteeism; happy, healthy people take fewer sick days
  • Improves health outcomes and overall sense of wellbeing
To learn more about FUEL™ and how it can work for your organization, contact Amy Gardner at 617-332-2282×1.