Stuck at home?  

Wondering what this might mean for your self-care routine?  While it might look different right now, self-care doesn’t need to disappear completely.  In fact, it’s even more important during times of stress to take care of you! Here are ten simple ways you can care for yourself without leaving your house.

  1. Set a routine.  Go to bed and get up at the same time each day.  Use this time to get some more rest. Your brain and body need it.
  2. Find ways to manage stress and anxiety.  Whether this means meditating, talking with a therapist, finding a support group, taking medication or all of the above, your mental health is a priority.  Use all the resources you have to take care of it.
  3. Eat regular meals and snacks.  While it’s completely normal for eating and hunger cues may be off right now, creating some structure around food can be helpful.  As a general guideline, use the ‘rule of 3’s’; 3 meals including 3 different foods and 3 snacks spaced 3 hours apart.
  4. Let go of unrealistic expectations.  This isn’t the time to set huge goals around behavior change. Think about what makes the most difference in your overall wellbeing and focus on that.  Is it time alone? Time outside? Connecting with friends?
  5. Move in ways that feel good.  That means if movement doesn’t feel good and isn’t what you’re craving, don’t bother.  Maybe this is a time for more rest or more creativity. Listen to your body. If you’re unsure, maybe try a walk or some stretching and see how it feels.  Going back to #4, set realistic expectations.
  6. Limit consumption of news and social media.  Both are likely to increase anxiety whether through sensationalized statistics or by comparing your quarantine experience to others curated for Facebook experiences.
  7. Have fun.  Allow time each day for something that is purely for pleasure.  This may be diving into a good book, watching your favorite Netflix series, baking a cake, coloring, playing games with family (video or board).
  8. Eat delicious foods.  Comfort foods are good for you!  Eat what you want and in quantities your body desires.  Allow yourself the opportunity to eat without distraction (even if this means finding a quiet spot outside and having a picnic by yourself) and to fully experience the food, noticing thoughts that come up and letting them move on without judgement.  Perhaps this is a good time to start a journal.
  9. Stay connected.  While it’s important to physically distance right now, it’s not necessary to entirely disconnect socially.  Phone calls with friends, groupFaceTime or Zoom sessions, live IG and FB sessions are all ways to connect with others.  If you’re outside the city, maybe you find a local friend and walk or jog 6 feet apart or sit at the end of your driveway and talk at a distance with your neighbor.
  10. Organize and de-clutter.  There’s something very grounding about organizing and decluttering your space.  It also provides a great sense of accomplishment. Maybe pick a space to work on each week.  Break it down so it’s less overwhelming.  

Need some more ideas?  Check out 25 Self-Care Ideas to Get Through Those Most Stressful of Days What are some ways you’ve been caring for yourself while at home?